Welcome! It's me - Verena

acting as an artist in motion media

... since more than 14 years ...

with international work experience in compositing both product visualization and feature film on Nuke, Fusion or Shake. My job duties consisted of combining live-action with multiple CG elements, color grading, match moving, 3D compositing and retouching. Since 2016 in realtime environments also!

I love to develop your product and pipeline requirements!


2016-06-30 09:29

HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are fantastic!

2016-05-26 09:29

Verena is getting into Ureal Engine 4 now.

2016-01-01 09:29

Verena is working together with Lars Groh in a new business model - mentoring CGI pipeline processes.

Are you not happy with your 2d/3d workflow yet? Do you want to get into a new process? Do you want to learn more about realtime engines?

Then we are happy to support you!

2015-06-24 00:00

Verena build up a Nuke pipeline concept at Wurzel Medien GmbH for a Daimler car configurator.

The result - the new Mercedes GLC Suv is now online.

2015-04-11 09:29

Verena loves Python scripting!

2014-09-17 09:29

Verena is learning Python now!

I realize some Nuketoolsets with Python scripting and know what a script does in a pipeline to handle a pipeline concept.

2014-06-19 10:21

Verena is working as a photographer for PDC Europe.


2014-01-15 09:29

Verena is learning Autodesk VRED now!

I am realising different car or motorcycle projects. There is also a sun simulation to analyse the interior reflections on windshields.

Verena knows VRED now!

2014-01-12 09:29

Verena was working on a BMW car configurator at EDAG/Feynsinn in Ingolstadt.

2013-01-24 09:29

Verena was able to achive her first professional steps in concept creation. As Assistant of Creative Direction she was working at Topalsson GmbH & Co KG in Munich for the time of two months. She just finished her job on a AUDI Productshow and AUDI Product Trailer.

2012-11-14 09:38

Verena was working for schokolade Filmproduktion GmbH in Stuttgart to visualize high-end Gaggenau home appliances.

2012-08-25 11:56

After two years at Mackevision GmbH in Stuttgart with a focus on car configurator visualisation, Verena decided to work as a Freelancer again.

So - do you need a Senior Compositor, Grading Artist or Concept Artist? Verenaaaa!

2012-01-16 13:55

Verena was in Cape Town Southafrica as a Set-Supervisor (2D) for a car commercial

2012-01-01 13:59

Verena is now acting as a Compositing Supervisor at Mackevision Mediendesign GmbH

2011-10-31 16:51

Verena will visit "edit filmfestival" in Frankfurt

2011-07-31 16:42

Verena finished university with a MASTER of ARTS degree

2011-05-15 12:45

Verena finished her Master Thesis "Analyse of Inertial Measurement Unit on a filmset to capture the camera movement for post-production".

2011-05-06 08:42

Verena is set-supervising a car shoot in Vancouver

2010-10-22 21:24

Verena is set-supervising on a car shoot in Barcelona

2010-09-24 21:24

See you on edit-Filmfestival in Frankfurt!

2010-09-24 21:24

Verena started with her MASTER THESIS with the wonderful topic "Inertial and optical tracking devices on a film set for camera movement capturing – an analyse of of-the-shelf technologies".

2010-09-15 21:24

Verena is now working at Mackevision in Stuttgart...

2010-07-14 21:24

Verena started preproduction on Stefan Najibs new 20 min short "One night". There are about 20 'romantic' vfx shots.


2010-07-01 21:24

Verena finished Color Grading on "GodApp" - a 12 min student production at HdM Stuttgart

2010-05-09 21:24

Verena had an exciting week at fmx 2010 - see you 2011 again!

2010-05-09 21:24

Verena is working on a docu drama about the end of the Limes - A.D. 235 as a VFX Supervisor.


2009-12-13 17:24

The short "Rückspiel" has it's premiere at 18.12.09 (6 pm) on the KiFu Festival in Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart.

2009-11-11 21:47

Verena is in preproduction of a social spot. "GEWALT DARF KEINE SCHULE MACHEN!" - Violence must not get a habit in school!


2009-11-11 17:04

Verena is on Color Grading for the short "Rückspiel"

2009-08-08 17:04

Verena is working on "Rueckspiel" in postproduction. A short movie about a kid who gets into the soccergame of his brother only by help of a homeless man.

2009-08-08 16:53

Verena is happy to indroduce you to her new website Lächelnd

2009-07-27 22:13

Verena is shooting "Rückspiel" in Karlsruhe on Canon 5D mark II with the movietube PR Rig. Visit www.rueckspiel-derfilm.de for more infos in German.

2009-03-15 18:27

Verena is starting a Master degree in Media design at HdM in Stuttgart