Welcome! It's me - Verena

Ich bin seit über 14 Jahren in der Bildproduktion tätig u.a. in der High-End Visualisierung von Konfigurationssystemen für Mercedes oder BMW, zuletzt in der Umsetzung von Echtzeit/Virtual Reality Applikationen.

So berate ich unabhängig in aktuellen Technologien, helfe in der Ideenskizzierung durch die Anforderungsanalyse und erstelle Machbarkeitsprüfungen, erste Aufwandsabschätzungen oder sichere die Produktqualität.


2016-11-28 09:29

Verena finished on a high end VR Mercedes AMG car configurator. Worked together with developer Lars Groh.

2016-06-30 09:29

HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are fantastic!

2016-02-26 09:29

Verena is getting into Ureal Engine 4 now.

2016-01-01 09:29

Verena is working together with Lars Groh in a new business model - mentoring CGI pipeline processes.

Are you not happy with your 2d/3d workflow yet? Do you want to get into a new process? Do you want to learn more about realtime engines?

Then we are happy to support you!

2015-06-24 00:00

Verena build up a Nuke pipeline concept at Wurzel Medien GmbH for a Daimler car configurator.

The result - the new Mercedes GLC Suv is now online.

2015-04-11 09:29

Verena loves Python scripting!

2014-09-17 09:29

Verena is learning Python now!

I realize some Nuketoolsets with Python scripting and know what a script does in a pipeline to handle a pipeline concept.

2014-06-19 10:21

Verena is working as a photographer for PDC Europe.


2014-01-15 09:29

Verena is learning Autodesk VRED now!

I am realising different car or motorcycle projects. There is also a sun simulation to analyse the interior reflections on windshields.

Verena knows VRED now!

2014-01-12 09:29

Verena was working on a BMW car configurator at EDAG/Feynsinn in Ingolstadt.

2013-01-24 09:29

Verena was able to achive her first professional steps in concept creation. As Assistant of Creative Direction she was working at Topalsson GmbH & Co KG in Munich for the time of two months. She just finished her job on a AUDI Productshow and AUDI Product Trailer.

2012-11-14 09:38

Verena was working for schokolade Filmproduktion GmbH in Stuttgart to visualize high-end Gaggenau home appliances.

2012-08-25 11:56

After two years at Mackevision GmbH in Stuttgart with a focus on car configurator visualisation, Verena decided to work as a Freelancer again.

So - do you need a Senior Compositor, Grading Artist or Concept Artist? Verenaaaa!

2012-01-16 13:55

Verena was in Cape Town Southafrica as a Set-Supervisor (2D) for a car commercial

2012-01-01 13:59

Verena is now acting as a Compositing Supervisor at Mackevision Mediendesign GmbH

2011-10-31 16:51

Verena will visit "edit filmfestival" in Frankfurt

2011-07-31 16:42

Verena finished university with a MASTER of ARTS degree

2011-05-15 12:45

Verena finished her Master Thesis "Analyse of Inertial Measurement Unit on a filmset to capture the camera movement for post-production".

2011-05-06 08:42

Verena is set-supervising a car shoot in Vancouver

2010-10-22 21:24

Verena is set-supervising on a car shoot in Barcelona

2010-09-24 21:24

See you on edit-Filmfestival in Frankfurt!

2010-09-24 21:24

Verena started with her MASTER THESIS with the wonderful topic "Inertial and optical tracking devices on a film set for camera movement capturing – an analyse of of-the-shelf technologies".

2010-09-15 21:24

Verena is now working at Mackevision in Stuttgart...

2010-07-14 21:24

Verena started preproduction on Stefan Najibs new 20 min short "One night". There are about 20 'romantic' vfx shots.


2010-07-01 21:24

Verena finished Color Grading on "GodApp" - a 12 min student production at HdM Stuttgart

2010-05-09 21:24

Verena had an exciting week at fmx 2010 - see you 2011 again!

2010-05-09 21:24

Verena is working on a docu drama about the end of the Limes - A.D. 235 as a VFX Supervisor.


2009-12-13 17:24

The short "Rückspiel" has it's premiere at 18.12.09 (6 pm) on the KiFu Festival in Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart.

2009-11-11 21:47

Verena is in preproduction of a social spot. "GEWALT DARF KEINE SCHULE MACHEN!" - Violence must not get a habit in school!


2009-11-11 17:04

Verena is on Color Grading for the short "Rückspiel"

2009-08-08 17:04

Verena is working on "Rueckspiel" in postproduction. A short movie about a kid who gets into the soccergame of his brother only by help of a homeless man.

2009-08-08 16:53

Verena is happy to indroduce you to her new website Lächelnd

2009-07-27 22:13

Verena is shooting "Rückspiel" in Karlsruhe on Canon 5D mark II with the movietube PR Rig. Visit www.rueckspiel-derfilm.de for more infos in German.

2009-03-15 18:27

Verena is starting a Master degree in Media design at HdM in Stuttgart